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It’s no secret that websites cost money. This one is no different. As we enter the 4th season of Maine Basketball Rankings, it’s beyond time for the site to pay for itself. At least, that’s what my wife says. I considered a paywall, but a large percentage of the site’s readers are high school students. I’m also willing to sell advertising. If you own a business that’d like to advertise to these intelligent (and good-looking!) readers, email me.
Naked cash grabs are no fun. So in that spirit, this year I’ll be selling Maine basketball themed swag that you can proudly wear in the bleachers of your local gym.
We’ll have 3 items to start. The first item is the “No Dunking” shirt that’s perfect for tourney games or a cookout at Peter Webb’s house. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on the bench during a game, unless you want to get a technical. (But if you *do* get a technical, definitely let me know.)

Second is the “Irrational Parent” shirt, perfect for the person who’s convinced the refs are clearly biased against their team and their child, specifically.

Finally, you can channel your inner Al Bundy with the “Ask Me” shirt. This works best if you can recite your high basketball exploits in great detail, even if they might have gotten more impressive with every passing year.

The shirts are printed by Printful and the store is operated by Storenvy. After a bunch of research, that was the best (only?) way to get a good customer experience without having to sink a bunch of money into start-up costs, all while (hopefully) maintaining my anonymity. I have a couple of shirts from Printful and they tend to be pretty nice. The “No Dunking” shirt is a higher quality shirt, so it’s a little more money.
That’s pretty much it. I look forward to spotting these shirts in gyms around the state this winter.

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