Preseason Fan Poll (BBB)

by Maine Basketball Rankings
When last we left, Edward Little was atop the heap in AA, Greely was extending their winning streak, and dunking was outlawed across the land. None of those things have changed.
Now, after a summer of getting better (or not), we’ve got a new influx of freshmen and schools will be trying to figure out how to replace some singular talents that graduated (hi, Portland & GSA!). We turned the clocks back, so that means…
It’s time for the annual Boys Basketball preseason fan poll!!!
This is a pretty simple exercise. Rank the teams in a region by where you think they’ll finish in the Heal Points. Feel free to fill out as few or as many as you want. Tell your friends. Tell your classmates. Talk trash on your rivals when they get ranked lower than you. You know the drill.

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