New Website. Who’s This?

by Maine Basketball Rankings

Way back in 2015, in the old days when we had 4 classes of basketball and all the teams in the state had to earn their spot in the Tournament, this operation started as a spreadsheet with the goal of figuring out if the teams in the County were better than the teams south of Bangor. It seemed like something I could figure out. I posted screengrabs of it on the old man forum and immediately people started accusing me of bias because apparently math is scary.

I did that for a while. Eventually people who weren’t scared of math wanted to see more than just what was in the screengrab, so I did a little research and built a couple simple data visualizations and put them on a Tumblr page, because you can’t host a data visualization on a forum designed in 1997.

Tumblr, it turns out, is terrible. So I needed a different solution. Wix seemed easy enough. I built a simple website on Wix, mostly to host the data visualizations. That went well until I started siphoning off traffic and before long, I wasn’t allowed on the old man forum anymore.

So it goes.

Then I started writing more because, hey, I used to be a writer. I got on Facebook and Twitter and word slowly got around. The dunking issue happened and Dick Durost blocked me on Twitter (along with a bunch of real journalists). I wrote a really long article about a coach getting fired by a corrupt administration.

I started selling t-shirts and mugs.

Eventually, I started to strain at the limits of Wix. The SEO there is terrible and there were things I wanted to do that just weren’t practical. So this off-season, I decided to move the website to a better platform. After a lot of research and time in chat support, here we are. I’m working on figuring out how to speed it up. Poke around and see if you find any glaring mistakes. Maybe click on some ads.

Side note: Wix is a closed system and makes it really, really hard to get your website out of their ecosystem. Not everything has moved over yet. I’m slowly chipping away at it. Turns out there’s a LOT of old content.

This should be a better system. It should work better on mobile, which is how nearly everyone is using it. Hopefully it’ll serve ads better so the upgrades will pay for themselves. If nothing else, it looks cool.

Anyway, welcome to the new Maine Basketball Rankings! Enjoy!

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