Girls Round of 16 – Portland

by Maine Basketball Rankings

There’s no games, maybe not even this fall, but Maine Madness marches on. It’s not much, but it’s something.

By now you know the drill. Falmouth needed 61% of the vote to knock off Portland. They got 26% of the vote, which was not enough.

If you don’t want your team to suffer the same fate as Caribou, you gotta vote.



If you missed the details of Maine Madness, they’re here.

In order to pull off an upset, you need to exceed the favorite’s likelihood of winning. So, if the favorite is 60% to win, you need to get 60% of the vote to beat them. We’ve flattened that out so 80% is pretty much the limit and we’ll reveal the target % after the vote is finalized, but you can get a pretty good idea by the point spread. The number in [ brackets ] is not the target number. That’s the Stax Index that indicates how exciting the game should be. Don’t try to stall your way to a W.

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