February 9th, 2021

by Maine Basketball Rankings

The Yellow Counties have joined the chat.

The schedule explodes today as most of Southern Maine is raring and ready to go (mostly). There are 76 games on today’s maybe schedule and if we’ve learned anything so far, I can almost guarantee there won’t be 76 games played. It could be more. It could be fewer. No one knows!

If you have questions about your team’s maybe schedule, check out the Boys or Girls every game tab. And feel free to tell me what about it is wrong.

On January 22nd, the Brewer boys threw down one of the first statement wins of the season, blitzing Hampden 90-44 at home. Hampden, of course, graduated Mr. Basketball, so no one expected them to be as good as last year, but it’s safe to say no one expected them to lose to Brewer (or anyone) by 46 points. The Broncos have since recovered, beating Hermon, MDI, and Old Town in a rare tour through Class B. They’re 4-1 on the year. Brewer also beat MDI (and with a better Win%), and have run their record to 5-1, with the one loss to AA Bangor.

The Model is designed to do a couple of things. First, to not overreact. It’s going to assume the first matchup between these teams was something of an outlier. It’s also designed to not care that these teams already played, as it ends up not being as predictive as you’d think and in a lot of cases it’s less predictive than knowing that Brewer played a team as good as Hampden. Teams adjust. The rematch of blowouts is very often closer the second time around for a number of reasons. So what the Model is going to look at is #10 visiting #13 and that’s almost always going to be close. Does Brewer pick up the sweep or does Hampden exact some revenge?

#10 Brewer @ #13 Hampden (Hampden +0.1) [89.3]

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