February 25th, 2021

by Maine Basketball Rankings

Tuesday was a pretty interesting day.

We had 4 players hit scoring milestones in one night.

If that’s not a record, it’s pretty close. Despite what some people who couldn’t leave the state fast enough will tell you, there’s a lot of talent in the state of Maine.

Which brings us to the McDonald’s All-Star rosters and Mr./Miss Basketball semifinalists. The lists are perfectly fine. I have no real issues with them and there’s not any players where I went “Huh?” It’s just…the timing. This was announced on Wednesday, the day after some teams in Southern Maine played their first game. There’s no game to play. The banquet will be virtual. What’s the rush?

Mr./Miss Basketball (and the Gatorade POTY) is always a controversial list. It’s impossible to select 10 players without leaving someone deserving off. The award is selected by 3 media members (not me, that’s for sure!) and two retired coaches. Which media members and coaches? No one seems to know. The selection is incredibly driven by narrative and it’s not an unfair criticism that it’s very often 10 players who got a lot of highlights on TV or had memorable tournament runs. So if you’re going to have a subjective award that’s voted on by no one knows who, there’s inevitably going to be questions and criticisms, which is what we see every single year. At best, you do yourselves no favors by making the decision before a large percentage of the state has played their season and at worse, you damage the credibility of the award itself. Is it as bad as the debacle that was the baseball and softball POTY last spring? No, but it’s not a good look and it reflects poorly on everyone involved and, more importantly, it’s unfair to the winners to put them through that argument because you couldn’t wait until the season was over for…reasons, I guess.

The MDI girls have had a more fun than usual schedule this year. They’ve played their natural rivals in B North, but also 3 games against #1 Hampden and #2 Bangor. Those have not gone well. Take those away and MDI is 5-2 instead of 5-6. Similarly Ellsworth is 5-5, but they’ve only had to play 2 games against Hampden & Bangor.

Where this gets interesting is that MDI has a 13-game schedule for some reason and this will be Ellsworth and MDI’s 3rd meeting of the season (these are the things that happen when the MPA abandons the season). They split the 2 earlier meetings. Who will win the rubber match? The Model thinks this is a 1-point game.

#24 Ellsworth @ #26 MDI (MDI +0.9) [82.6]

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