February 11, 2021

by Maine Basketball Rankings

Hey, so remember the election?

Specifically how in a couple of states they weren’t allowed to touch the mail-in ballots early and there was a “red mirage” where it looked like the GOP would be way ahead and then that would go down as they started counting the predominantly blue mail-in ballots? Well we’re going to have a little bit of that with the Power Rankings as some counties have banked 6 or 7 games before other counties even get started. So a team like the Greely girls that are consistently in the top 5 have fallen all the way down to 38th. They’ll start to climb as they play games. So keep that in mind.

A note on the maybe schedule. I’m behind on getting the schedules I have on-hand loaded into the Model, which is probably for the best because they keep changing. It’s very much a game of whack-a-mole. With a little luck, I can catch up and then I’m sure we’ll have a blizzard and they’ll get wiped out again. Sigh.

Thanks to the joys of 2021 scheduling, the Carrabec girls have been on the road the last 2 nights, beating #46 Madison by 11 and #70 Rangeley by 33. They’ll play their third straight on the road tonight as they head 50 miles south to face #18 Hall-Dale. Three road games in 3 nights is the sort of schedule you sometimes see in the final week of the season for teams that have had their schedule decimated by weather. That, of course, would have been last week in a normal year. So maybe it’s fitting. Hall-Dale is 2-3, but they have 2 wins against the Top 10 and have played the 9th hardest schedule in the state so far. Carrabec has played one of the easiest.

#21 Carrabec @ #18 Hall-Dale (Hall-Dale +4.8) [82.4]

The rest of today’s maybe schedule is available on Patreon.

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