2020-21 Boys All-State Team

by Maine Basketball Rankings

We’ve already announced the Girls All-State Team, so it’s time to hand out some virtual hardware: the Boys All-State Team!

Just like the Girls’ team, the way this works is simple: coaches were asked to submit the stats of deserving players. From we calculate an Efficiency Rating (EFF) for each player, using this very easy to calculate formula:

(PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK − Missed FG − Missed FT – TO) / GP

The EFF is then adjusted based on the Strength of Schedule of the team for an adjusted EFF (aEFF). So if you put up an EFF of 20 and you play the hardest schedule in the state, you’ll have an aEFF of 20. If your schedule is in the 50th percentile, you’ll have an aEFF of 10. Simple as that.

There’s a lot of benefits to this approach. First, your stats are your stats and yours alone. You earned them, for better or worse. Second, there’s no narratives involved. This isn’t an award largely determined in December or dictated by who ends up on TV a lot or who had a memorable tourney game that’s lodged in everyone’s memory. It’s just cold, hard numbers. Third, it’s completely transparent. There’s no committee making this decision behind closed doors, answering to no one.

If you’re curious, last year’s team is here.

On Cash & Parker & Peyton:

You won’t find any of this year’s Mr. Basketball finalists here for the simple reason that they weren’t submitted for consideration by their coaches. Well, Cash McClure was. As you may have heard, Grandma McClure kept Cash’s stats all year off the streaming video, but she didn’t keep track of shot attempts and you can’t exactly measure efficiency without factoring in missed shots. It kind of defeats the purpose. Had she kept them and he shot at last year’s rate (when he was 3rd team All-State), it would have been very, very close.

Last year, Peyton Jones was 1st team All-AA South.

A note on this year’s teams. We all know it was a difficult year. A lot of schools decided not to purchase Hudl or whatever service they normally use for stats. Others were limited in how many people could be in the gym, making stat-keeping personnel low-priority. So there were a lot fewer submissions this season. It happens. We’ll go 1 team deep for the girls this year, based on how many submissions we got.

Here we go…

Wyatt Hathaway — Leavitt

23.4 PPG | 6.3 RPG | 6.1 APG | 4.1 SPG

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Hathaway was 7th in the entire state last year and everyone ahead of him graduated, so he was considered the front-runner. And he delivered, leading a strong Leavitt team that would have been a very difficult out, had they gotten a chance at a postseason. Oh yeah, and he’s Leavitt’s all-time leading scorer.

He’ll take his talents to St. Joseph’s next year.

Wyatt Hathaway (Leavitt) 27.40 EFF | 26.11 aEFF

Jeremy Fraser (Camden Hills) 26.75 EFF | 20.65 aEFF

Jason Bartlett (Belfast) 24.33 EFF | 20.30 aEFF

Sawyer Deprey (Caribou) 28.53 EFF | 20.09 aEFF

Joziah Learned (Leavitt) 20.90 EFF | 19.91 aEFF

Matt Parent (Messalonskee) 18.77 EFF | 16.29 aEFF

Kobe Gilbert (Piscataquis) 30.40 EFF | 16.12 aEFF

Dreayden Furrow (Mt. View) 23.00 EFF | 15.84 aEFF

Kalen Chase (Mountain Valley) 28.00 EFF | 14.79 aEFF

Colby Smith (Brewer) 18.73 EFF | 14.67 aEFF

Honorable Mention

Reece Gardner (Messalonskee)
Luke Briggs (Cony)
Declan Knowlton (Mount View)
James Smith (Messalonskee)
Brady Saunders (Brewer)
Will Harriman (Biddeford)

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